24: Legacy

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    Series Directed by

Stephen Hopkins … (1 episode, 2016)

    Series Writing Credits

Robert Cochran … (created by) (1 episode, 2016)
Manny Coto … (1 episode, 2016)
Howard Gordon … (1 episode, 2016)
Evan Katz … (1 episode, 2016)
Joel Surnow … (created by) (1 episode, 2016)

Series Cast

Anna Diop  Nicole Carter (12 episodes, 2016)
Corey Hawkins  Eric Carter (12 episodes, 2016)
Charlie Hofheimer  Marcus Grimes (12 episodes, 2016)
Miranda Otto  Rebecca Ingram (12 episodes, 2016)
Coral Peña  Gia (12 episodes, 2016)
Teddy Sears  Keith Mullins (12 episodes, 2016)
Jimmy Smits  John Donovan (12 episodes, 2016)
Ashley Thomas  Isaac Carter (12 episodes, 2016)
Aynsley Bubbico  Amy (1 episode, 2016)
Julius Denem  Jihadi #3 (1 episode, 2016)
Zayne Emory  Drew Phelps (1 episode, 2016)
Joseph Kelly  Political VIP Guest (1 episode, 2016)
Mino Mackic  Secret Service (1 episode, 2016)
Dylan Ramsey  Rashid (1 episode, 2016)
Alesha Renee  Aisha (1 episode, 2016)
Sandra Rosko  CTU Staff (1 episode, 2016)
Saad Siddiqui  Malik (1 episode, 2016)
Brandon Van Vliet  Construction Worker (1 episode, 2016)
Sheila Vand  Nilaa (1 episode, 2016)

‘Forsaken’ Reviews

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Entertainment Weekly
Forsaken revels in riffing. There’s a vengeful guns-blazing bar entrance, straight out of Unforgiven. There’s the climactic showdown with a gunslinging man in black, though it ends a little differently than Shane’s does. There’s even a nod at the elder Sutherland’s most famous role in Ordinary People: John Henry’s brother died in a river accident when they were young, the misunderstanding of which began the years-long rift between father and son.

The downside of this is that pretty much everything in Forsaken has been done better elsewhere. The off-screen connection between the Sutherlands does little to energize Kiefer’s performance. Donald spits hot fire and brimstone, but Kiefer remains as bland an avenging angel of action as ever. B–

Cowboys & Indians

For Kiefer Sutherland, Forsaken — now available in limited theatrical release and as video on demand — represents more than a career high point. The western drama also enhanced the personal and professional bonds between him and his father, veteran actor Donald Sutherland, with whom he shares several emotionally charged scenes. As he tells C&I in our April issue cover-story profile: “This film means a great deal to me, obviously — more than any other single thing I’ve done — for those moments.”

Bay Area HQ

ign review

Interview with Kiefer Sutherland – Rock 100.5

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Check out the Radio Interview with Kiefer Sutherland on Rock 100.5 – Kiefer Sutherland calls the show to talk about his new movie Forsaken, his dad, and Kiefer gives Steve the classic Southern “F You”.

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Still Working on the Site……

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After being hacked… Lost 2 years worth of posts. Managed to rebuild all the photo galleries, but the most recent post is from March of 2014. Life goes on! I will be working on plenty of updates and will look forward to seeing some new content 🙂 It will take awhile to work out the bugs with the new host, new format and higher security settings. To the person who hacked me for the 10th time, thanks. Teaches me to backup more often, and to have a better security system in place. The email was a great touch, by the way. Why you hate a fellow fan is beyond me!