August 13, 2016 Fan Sighting – Great Read

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by Gray_cox

Just wanted to share this because I know Kiefer gets a bad rep sometimes for being a Hollywood actor who took over the role of Snake/Big Boss. Yesterday he was having a signing at Barnes a noble for his new music album, and people who bought the album were able to get it signed by him as well as have a conversation.

I was one of the last people on a long line, and I was shocked to see a lot of Metal Gear fans there as well. Even though in the description of the signing, it said not to bring any memorabilia I figured I take a chance anyway and brought TPP. Being one of the last on line I though he might have even been offended if I asked for an autograph on something that wasn’t his LP. Nope, as soon as I took the game out and asked, he responded’ “I’ll definitely sign this, this was really an honor for me to be apart of”. He even was looking at the steelbook case in awe which was shocking. He was shaking his head saying “this game was really amazing”, and then I literally got about 2 minutes of talk time with him and obviously spent it all talking Metal Gear. The man is either really a great actor, or he was really proud to be apart of the series because I’m the one that ended the convo since I didn’t want to overstay my welcome. Before I left though, I asked him what was his favorite line in the game and he immediately responded, “from here on out, your’re Big Boss”. The Metal Gear fans there got a real kick out out of it.

In all my years of being a MGS fan, this was probably the best Metal Gear moment of my life.

Totally changed my entire perception of the guy, I was a fan of his voice work in MGSV but I honestly thought he would be embarrassed when I brought the game to get signed at his LP signing.