Concert Recap: April 14 Milwaukee, Wis. – Shank Hall

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■The club didn’t clear after the show ended. A long line stretched from the stage to the box office of fans holding tickets and posters, and Sutherland stuck around after the show to take pictures and sign autographs for everyone waiting.

■Sutherland didn’t just give autographs. He also accepted a gift: a shot of whiskey handed to him from a fan up front. “You even got my flavor,” he said taking a sip.

■ A fan couldn’t resist calling out “Kieferrrr!” throughout the night. Eventually, Sutherland asked for her name, and shouted out “Heatherrrr!”

■Alas, there was a fan who requested “Free Bird” again and again throughout the night, but Sutherland laughed about his persistence.

■Sample banter from the crowd: “I love you,” screamed one woman. “I love you more,” screamed another. “I’ll fight you for him,” the first woman playfully yelled back.


1. “Can’t Stay Away”

2. “I’ll Do Anything”

3. “Calling Out Your Name”

4. “Truth In Your Eyes”

5. “Not Enough Whiskey”

6. “Going Home”

7. “My Best Friend”

8. “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” (Bob Dylan cover)

9. “Shirley Jean”

10. “Ways to be Wicked”

11. “Honey Bee” (Tom Petty cover)

12. “Goodbye”

13. “All She Wrote”

14. “Down in a Hole”


15. “Sundown” (Gordon Lightfoot cover)

16. “Gonna Die”